Chocolate tablets

Two dedicated production lines

Chocolate tablets have always been at the heart of what we do: they have been produced in Dijon since 1865. Over the past century and a half, our offer has expanded considerably, and Chocolaterie de Bourgogne’s plant is now able to offer an extraordinarily wide variety to its customers, including the classic Napolitain (4 to 10g), squares (20g), mini-tablets (30, 40 or 50g) and filled tablets (100 to 200g). From moulding to packaging, two distinct production lines are available to our partners, and they are capable of producing more than 8,000 tonnes of chocolate a year.



Our chocolates are mixed and conched on site before being sent to the production lines. In order to better meet our customers’ needs, the composition of both dark and milk chocolates is decided on in collaboration with them.

The machines used on our production lines are highly accurate and extremely reliable. Starting with sizes as small as 4g, they are designed to ensure a final product that is fully compliant with the standards in force in our customers’ markets.

Shifts in format, from 4 to 50g and from 100 to 200g, can be made during the production process. In the same way, our lines can easily go from producing one type of chocolate to another.
page-tablette1Many millions of tablets come off our lines each yearProduction capacity
6.000 tonnes per year
1,000 Napolitains per minute
4- to 10g
All types of inclusions and fillings



Our mini-tablet line, which produces Napolitains as well as individual squares, is capable of manufacturing products weighing between 4 and 50 grammes. The second line complies with distribution standards and produces tablets weighing between 100 and 200 grammes.

Both tablet lines can handle all types of inclusions, from dried fruit to the most complex mousse, starting with the 4g size.

Our moulds are interchangeable; new shapes can be fashioned at a customer’s request to give a tablet the desired style and form.

Our lines offer a wide range of packaging options, including coated paper, aluminium and flowpack, among others. The process is completely automated, giving us the ability to package, for example, 1,000 Napolitains per minute.
We work with our customers on the composition of our chocolates.High-performance technology
Mousse and praline fillings
Reliable grammage
Precision moulding and unmoulding
Multiple packaging solutions