Caramels, pralines, ganaches, mousses, etc.

Of our many fillings, one has directly contributed to the reputation of Chocolaterie de Bourgogne and its Dijon plant – the famous praline filling in the Lanvin chocolate snails, the recipe for which was invented in Dijon in 1936. Our plant produces and perfects its own fillings, which are used in the wide variety of bonbons, truffles, tablets and other bars that come off our production lines. The balance is made to measure for our customers.


A high-tech « kitchen »

The area of the plant where our compounds and fillings are made up has been nicknamed « the kitchen ». This is the most highly technical zone in the entire plant, and it is connected to every one of our production lines. The kitchen features modern, high-powered equipment – often developed in-house – that is perfectly adapted to our proprietary production processes.
Pralines that stand the test

For more than a century, we have produced our pralines, both cooked or raw, using a method that gives them a rich aroma and allows them to be used in a wide variety of ways.
A generous offer

In addition to pralines, the Dijon plant produces its own caramels, both regular and flavoured, water-based ganaches, syrups and mousses.
Mousse – a Dijon specialty

Our cutting-edge mousse production and aeration techniques have won Chocolaterie de Bourgogne a leading position in the private-label filled chocolate tablet market. The balance of our fillings production goes to professionals, manufacturers and artisans who have, for decades, placed their trust in our expertise.
four2The « kitchen » area of the plant is directly connected to every one of our production lines.Datasheet
Cutting-edge installations
Highly flexible production
Orders starting at one tonne
Innovative technology