Cereal bars

Flow-pack, Multi-pack, carton sleeves

Chocolaterie de Bourgogne has been a key player in this market since 1985, and we thoroughly updated our lines in the 2000s. Production is currently based around two lines. The first, with a capacity to blend up to 5 cereals and/or fruits, was put to the test by the world’s leader in cereal bars and was certified « nut-free ». The second line can mix any type of nut (except peanuts) with any type of cereals.


Continuous baking

The cereals used in our bars, along with the binding agent (fat or syrup-based) are cooked and produced in the kitchen in real time and directly connected to the production line, providing both responsiveness and flexibility. The composition can be adjusted during production.
Total consistency

Our lines are regulated by an extremely accurate feedback system, which can send real-time information back to the front of the chain concerning bar shape and coating thickness.
Automated cleaning

Belt cleaning is automated and calibrated with production, keeping line stoppage to a minimum and ensuring the highest level of hygiene.
Ultra-modern packaging

At the end of the chain, our lines are fitted with a High Speed Machine Flowpack (HSMF) system, enabling to put in flowpacks more than 600 bars per minute, and with three robots dedicated to sleeve packaging. They provide considerable packaging flexibility. Every operation is automated, including palletising.
barcereal18,000 tonnes of cereal bars roll off our lines each year.Large-scale production capacity
1,100 bars per minute
8,000 tonnes per year
From 30 mm to 120 mm in length
An endless supply of recipes



We manufacture both luxury and health cereal bars (low-calorie, energy, etc.)

The cereal base of our bars can also consist of corn flakes, crispies or muesli. For our customers, we source the finest products from the very best suppliers.

When it comes to shapes, our bars have a standard 30mm width, but can vary in length between 30 and 120mm, in line with the requirements of the primary markets. Bars can be flat or rounded.

Our bars can be given a partial or complete coating. A wide range of toppings can be added, including syrup, caramel, chocolate or compound. The bottom thickness, depending on our customers’ needs, can range from 1 to 10mm.
Drops and inclusions

Prior to the coating phase, our bars can be topped with fruit (dried, glazed, infused and reconstituted), drops, chips and cereals, and the same elements can be used as inclusions.

We provide a broad range of packaging choices, including flowpack, multipack and carton sleeves for between 4 and 12 bars, display packaging for between 18 and 30 bars and bulk carton box.
Two production lines are devoted to cereal bars.Cutting-edge technology
Ultrasonic cutting
Strict allergen control standards
Modern packaging(HSMF, 600/min)