A unique plant

Production concentrated at a single site in Dijon

Ahead of its time

page-production1Since 1973, Chocolaterie de Bourgogne – with its two centuries of chocolate-making in the Burgundy region – has been located in an industrial zone north of Dijon.


The plant offers modern, high-performance production facilities, which our engineers are constantly improving to stay one step ahead of market demand.


Outstanding know-how

What sets Chocolaterie de Bourgogne and its Dijon plant apart from its competitors is its large-scale production capacity, flexible structure and concentration of know-how. Every aspect of chocolate manufacturing is present.


At one single site and via a single contact person, we can offer our customers industrial production capacities for a wide variety of semi-finished and finished products.


Flexibility is our watchword

page-production2A dynamic R&D department and cutting-edge facilities make it possible to offer our partners the most flexible arrangements possible. For Chocolaterie de Bourgogne, there are no big or small customers – we offer production runs of every dimension, each time with the same concern for the quality of the final product. For example, we can set up a chocolate production line to turn out as few as 8 tonnes per year or more than 10,000 tonnes per year.


The same flexibility applies to our bar, confectionery, compound and praline capacities. Our 280 employees share the same commitment: offering our customers bespoke solutions on an industrial scale.