High-quality compounds

Our compounds are anything but sub-standard chocolate – on the contrary, they are very high-quality cocoa products. Although their low cocoa content (less than 40%) means that they cannot be called « chocolate », they are characterised by superior technical qualities and physical-chemical properties that allow them to be precisely adapted to the use for which they were designed.


Innovative products

Our compounds are the result of painstaking work and of the R&D department’s expertise with fat products. They are often made to measure, in order to better meet our customers’ requirements for their products. In all, we use several hundred different formulations in our industrial processes.
Multiple uses

Although we cannot list them all, it is worth mentioning our bake-stable products, which have specific heat-resistant properties, or our icings that resist whitening and cracking when chilled. We also offer dippings that retain their shape and consistency when frozen, as well as compound coatings. Like our chocolates, inclusions can be added as an option.
comp1Our compounds are the result of the expertise developed by our R&D department.Datasheet
Outstanding properties
A product for every need
High-powered installations
From 8 to 1,000 tonnes per month