Annual production of 18,000 tonnes

Chocolaterie de Bourgogne produces two main lines of chocolate in its Dijon plant; dark chocolate, with a cocoa content of between 45 and 85%, and milk chocolate. We outsource white chocolate for our customers from the best suppliers.


Highly controlled production

In our Dijon plant, the manufacture of chocolate has been given its own, separated production line.
High-quality raw materials

Butter, cocoa liquor, milk and sugar arrive at Dijon, where they will be processed and made into chocolate. First, the ingredients are combined in an industrial mixer.
A precision refinement process

The resulting paste is then refined in our roller mills, depending on the final quality that the customer desires, before being placed in a conche.
A qualified chocolate, whether liquid or solid

Cocoa butter is then added to achieve the desired chocolate quality. After 12 hours of conching, the chocolate takes on specific properties. This chocolate can then be dosed and crystallised into drops (between 2,000 and 7,500 drops per kilo).
choco1Chocolaterie de Bourgogne produces nearly 15,000 tons of dark and milk chocolate annually.Datasheet
4 roller mills
4 ultra-modern conches
A capacity of between 6 and 10 tonnes
20 storage tanks


choco2Chocolate just the way you like it…

When we create our chocolates, we not only consider factors such as taste and texture, we also factor in the marketing aspect – the origin of the beans and the percentage of cocoa in the end product – as well as the final destination, which influences how we treat the chocolate’s physical behaviour.
…And in any quantity

We can supply our partners in the agri-food industry with chocolate on an industrial scale. Chocolaterie de Bourgogne’s customers include some of the world’s top firms in the sector. Our Gourmet line is intended for food professionals, artisans and restaurateurs.
We work directly with our customers on the composition of their chocolates.