Two dedicated production lines

The confectionery portion of our business was directly inherited from the legendary Lanvin firm. In the 1930, it won acclaim with the launch of a revolutionary product – the Escargot de Bourgogne, or Burgundy Snail, a chocolate shape made possible by the invention of the hinged mould. Since then, chocolate-making has continued to evolve, and today our production relies mainly on one-shot technology. Our two confectionery lines can produce truffles and pralines, as well as a wide range of chocolate bonbons. Sector leaders trust our lines for their great reliability.


One-shot: innovative moulding

The era of sealing identical half-shells together has passed. The original and innovative technology of our one-shot line allows us to produce chocolate bonbons in a single piece and in almost any shape imaginable. Multiple fillings are possible, along with small inclusions.
Co-extrusion and forming

This line is the newest technological arrival at our site, in 2013. With it, we can co-extrude up to three recipes and combine them into a pre-defined shape. The line can be used to manufacture truffles, coated chocolate bonbons or pieces of almond paste and other rich flavours.
High-speed output

One-shot technology provides another real advantage: speed. Creating the shell and the filling simultaneously boost output significantly. Our leading position in the area of chocolate bonbons and our experience with seasonal orders allows us to offer customers large-scale production output and great flexibility in terms of line usage. The new co-extrusion line can produce 2,500 tonnes per year.
confiserie_22,500 tonnes of chocolate bonbons and truffles roll off our lines each year.Large-scale production capacity
700 bonbons per minute
2,500 tonnes of chocolate bonbons
and truffles per year
Flexible production



Our pralines, whether cooked or raw, along with our ganaches, are made on site using our customers’ recipes. The same is true of our chocolate coatings.
Original shapes

Our single-piece moulding technique allows us to create the most demanding shapes, from snails to perfect spheres. The only limit is your imagination.

Our truffles can be given a single or a double coating before being dusted. Our customers enjoy a wide range of choices when it comes to forming, cutting and base thickness, and we also offer an array of inclusions. Our lines can also produce disks, rocks and sticks.
One-shot technology is capable of producing spherical chocolate bonbons.High-performance technology
Calibration to the nearest gramme
An endless supply of recipes
Luxury packaging solutions