Chocolate bars

Flow-pack, Multi-pack, mini-bars in bags

In this segment, the Dijon plant is one of the flagships of French manufacturing. Since the early 1990s, we have been producing bars of chocolate on behalf of sector leaders and for the largest European markets – including both France and the UK. To achieve this, the plant relies on two cutting-edge production lines that offer high flexibility and the capacity to turn out a wide variety of innovative products.


All-inclusive production

The mixing and preparation of the wafer dough and the cream filling is automated with a direct connection to the production lines, which include both the oven and bar lines.
An innovative fermentation technique

Dough fermentation and wafer maturation are carried out in-line, with no interruption of the production chain, using efficient, innovative processes.
A high-powered kitchen

The kitchen is where the bar ingredients are combined. It is fully automated and fitted with a high-powered in-line cleaning system, which helps with shifts from one production to another; in addition, maintenance can be carried out without shutting down the lines. The cream fillings can be aerated as required to achieve the desired properties.

A shift in format, from 16 to 80 grammes, can be made during production without interrupting the chain, and even simultaneously during production of the same item.
devproduit122,000 tonnes of chocolate roll off our lines each year.Large-scale production capacity
1,600 bars per minute
22,000 tonnes per year
Up to 170 mm in length
An endless supply of recipes



Depending on our customers’ requirements, our chocolate bars can optionally be given a wafer base that is prepared on site. We have a vast number of recipes for cream fillings (flavoured, aerated or not, with or without inclusions, etc.).

When it comes to shapes, our bars have a standard 30mm width, but can vary in length up to 170mm, in line with the requirements of the primary markets. Bars can be flat or rounded.
Caramel coating

Bars can be given a single or double caramel coating, and jams or fruit pastes can be substituted for the caramel. The process involves an innovative cylinder-based coating technique which provides edge-to-edge coating for the bar.
Drops and inclusions

Our bars can also be topped with fruit (dried, glazed, infused and reconstituted), drops, chips and cereals, and the same elements can be used as inclusions.

Bars can be coated with white, dark or milk chocolate or with compound. The bottom thickness, depending on our customers’ needs, can range from 1 to 10mm.

The production lines are linked up with four packaging solutions: individual sleeve, multi-pack, display packaging and bulk carton box. Gadgets can also be included.
Two production lines are devoted to chocolate bars.Cutting-edge technology
Instantaneous feedback
Caramel coating by cylinder
A totally automated production chain