Research and Development

Original creations on command

A passion for research

page-rd1For more than three quarters of a century, the Research and Development department has set itself apart by its ability to innovate and to meet new challenges.


From the invention of the hinged mould in the 1930s to the latest breakthroughs in the world of chocolate that will soon reach the market, the R&D team has always put its know-how to work for our customers, offers innovative solutions that allow them to conquer new markets. Four agronomists are currently in charge of both basic and applied research.


Adapted innovation

Two pilot production lines
Cutting-edge equipment
Exceptional know-how
Original creations
Each day, our chocolate-makers perfect new recipes in our laboratories, using rheology to reinvent the art of coating chocolate and adapting it for the uses you require.


By perfectly controlling the ingredients and the precision settings of the equipment, our engineers can create an infinitely flexible rheological profile, one that gives your chocolate the unique properties that you require.


Breakthrough inventions don’t come along every day; however, the major innovations that have been developed at the Dijon site are proof positive of our researchers’ talent and imagination.


An efficient development process

page-rd2Before scaling up to full manufacturing – whether at Dijon or at your own facilities – our engineers and technicians can reproduce a smaller-scale production line using our two pilot production lines, which can be adapted to fit the product in question.
The first line is used to simulate mass production of any type of chocolate, based on its rheological profile


It consists of a mixer, a grinder and a small-scale conche, and it is used to regulate the chocolate’s particle size, viscosity and flow limit, prior to the tempering phase that will give the chocolate its final quality.
The second line is a production line that is assembled to measure, depending on whether we are producing a bar, a bonbon, a truffle or a tablet. It tests, under real conditions, the industrialisation process developed for our customers.