A cutting-edge microbiological lab




Compliance with standards (BRC, IFS, HACCP, RSPO, kosher)


There are many demanding standards currently in force. To comply with them, we rely on a robust quality assurance system, which is set up and monitored by a highly experienced ten-person team. For example, our traceability system, which is managed by SAP, has for years passed every audit by both the authorities and our customers.


- Food safety :

Our quality assurance department implements and monitors compliance with the BRC v6 and IFS v6 standards, and earns outstanding marks in certification audits (Grade A and High Level 98%, respectively).


- Quality, ethical and environment labelling :

HACCP, RSPO, UTZ, kosher: each of these labels represents a challenge for our teams, who excel at complying with the exacting specifications of our customers – who include leading firms in the agri-food sector.


- Tasting specialists :

Our teams are specially trained to provide organoleptic assessments for 100% of the finished products that roll off our production lines, from the day following production and throughout the entire shelf life.


Compliance with your specifications

qualite_2In addition to our own high standards, we also incorporate the specific demands of our private-label clients, or of brands outsourcing their production. We also take part in their online ordering and logistics systems (Trace one, Prestige, Codev).


Moreover, we guarantee complete transparency with respect to our procedures and the reliability of our quality control.


Our quality control department is in direct contact with the quality departments of our customers, thus ensuring reliable and swift information. We pass approximately three audits each month.

A microbiology lab for all inflows and outflows

qualite_3Crucial raw materials and all products coming off our production lines undergo microbiological testing (except for pathogenic testing, which is handled by an outside laboratory). We also have a physico-chemical laboratory, particularly for packaging (Sniff test, Robinson test, etc.).