Our engineers and technicians

Flexible and responsive teams

Highly responsive teams

In Dijon, Chocolaterie de Bourgogne relies on the hard work and expertise of nearly 300 employees. Steeped in a strong corporate culture, these individuals have — throughout their various missions and changes in shareholder structure — acquired valuable experience and flexibility.


They includes some 200 employees specialized in production and assembly. For example, about fifty individuals are responsible for the logistics chain.


Effective technicians

Whether they are maintenance staff looking after our machines, or pastry experts developing recipes that meet our customers’ needs, our technicians are guided by three watchwords — efficiency, dependability and capability.


The former are in charge of our output and the exact standardization of products designed in our kitchens and laboratories. The latter dream up innovative, exciting items based on our own recipes or those of our customers.



Expert engineers

page-ingetech2Chocolaterie de Bourgogne’s ten engineers are all experts in their respective domains. Thanks to them, we are at the cutting edge in the area of edible fats, as well as in the processing and use of grains.


They are not only in charge of creating original recipes based on our customers’ specifications, they set up the industrialization process for new products, and they are part of our customer-relation process. They are reliable contact persons for customers, for whom they spearhead projects.