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Outsourcing is the best solution for companies who wish to contract out part or all of their production. Chocolaterie de Bourgogne is a reliable and responsive subcontractor. Our plant has a great deal of experience with this type of arrangement and has already worked successfully with leading sector brands.

A reliable, responsive subcontractor

Our group is an ideal partner for these firms. We are able to adjust to seasonal spikes in activity and we can manage their development projets and production equipment without the risk of stock-outs. We have already proven our ability to meet the needs of the market leader in cereal bars, as well as the world’s number one chocolate bar manufacturer, producing more than 8,000 tons of products on their behalf.

Highly flexible production

Our flexibility and production capacity means that we are able produce not only bars, but also all other formats, including chocolate tablets — regardless of recipe or format — as well as chocolate bonbons, truffles and assortments, both year-round and seasonally.