Our values

Our employees



Chocolaterie de Bourgogne was born out of a new, ambitious project rooted in age-old values. Our plant’s success is due first and foremost to our skilled workforce and to the knowledge that has been passed down in Burgundy through generations. Our staff is focused on customer service and driven by their love of chocolate and of a job well done.


Customer focus


page-valeur-1What sets our teams and our firm apart is our willingness to meet the needs of every type of customer in the chocolate sector – large-scale manufacturers, artisans and end consumers.


Everything we do, every strategic choice and every investment is chosen and implemented with an eye to keeping our customers satisfied and constantly improving the services we provide them. Our innovations are made with you in mind.


The result? Cutting-edge expertise in every segment, from low-cost private label products to high-end creations – buttressed by an ongoing commitment to quality.


Our workforce

Chocolaterie de Bourgogne represents the revival of a former family-owned business. Its investors are interested in growth, and have invested as much in skill-building amongst its teams as in the plant itself.


We are investing in our workforce in order to retain knowledge that has been passed down through generations, starting in the early 20th century. Fifteen percent of Chocolaterie de Bourgogne’s shares are held by employees – our number one resource.


Chocolate – our passion

page-valeurs-2What brings our teams together is a love for chocolate – the heart of what we do.


A shared passion for the final product, for the profession and for a job well done – often shared by our customers – is our guiding star, and it pushes us to increase our efforts to make Chocolaterie de Bourgogne an outstanding player in the cocoa sector.


Our teams’ overriding concern? Delivering a perfect product.